Iron Dog offers private, professional dog training in your home!

Prior to our private training sessions in your home, our highly experienced dog trainer will discuss your specific training needs and desired outcomes.

You may want basic obedience training to be able to teach your dog to sit, stay, recall and to stop jumping, chewing, and digging. You may need assistance with toileting, socialisation or loose lead walking. There are many factors that can prohibit a dog from learning so while in your home we will further discuss your dog’s environment including but not limited to:

  • Where the dog sleeps
  • Where and what the dog eats
  • The size of the dog’s living quarters
  • The amount of exercise performed daily/week
  • How many family members there are in your pack

The above factors may have an impact on how your dog behaves and how they learn. Training sessions are usually 30-60 minutes and, depending on your desired outcomes, one session may be adequate.

After the session your experienced dog trainer will email you an individualised training plan and all the information you require to ensure you receive the maximum benefits from your session/s. You will also receive a follow-up phonecall for any questions, feedback and general discussion regarding the application and outcome of your dog’s training.

For inquiries about our dog training services please email or call 0409 044 618.

Visit or testimonial page for information and feedback from our customers.

Our experienced dog trainer Jason can teach your dog basic obedience including command training and loose lead walking. He can also help with anti-social behaviour and aggression issues.