Liver Snaps

We only sell products that we use ourselves, just think of us as the John West of dog treats. Nothing but the best and we reject the rest! Our Liver Snaps are of the highest quality. No pesticide markings, strong yet crunchy and can easily be broken into smaller pieces. That’s why they are called Liver Snaps because they do just that… SNAP!

Ingredients: 100% animal liver.
These raw, dehydrated liver snaps are made from animals deemed fit for human consumption. BUT WE DONT RECCOMEND you consume them; unless your pooch is willing to share and we bet they wont.

$10.50$40.00 inc GST

Dehydrated Liver Snaps are available in 250 grams & 1 kilogram packs.

  • No fat
  • No preservatives
  • No overpowering odour
  • Ideal for a training reward
  • Can be broken into smaller pieces